Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Not Just Gas That's Going Up!

You would have be under a rock not to know everyone is worried about gas hitting five dollars a gallon. Fact is folks, while you are looking for the lowest gas price, making sure you keep the car full, you might be missing the big picture.

Diesel prices.

Everything in the country is transported using diesel. For years diesel was cheaper than gas, and a bargain, now, it cost more. The higher cost is due to a change in environmental requirements a few year ago. While few people watched, the price of this fuel used by tractor trailer rigs or 18 wheelers, climbed. What does that mean to us? When the price of transportation goes up, so does food.

You can't store gas long term. You can, store food. Knowing this, your best savings during this gas hike might be to put your money into food first. If you own a deep freezer, this weekend, clean it out, cook up older meats, and take an inventory of what's in there. Now it not the time to store loaves of bread and boxes of girl scout cookies, though, I fully understand hording the latter. Rather, make room for the meats your family eats on a regular biases. Beef will make the highest rise in price, love taco night, better watch savings for ground meats. Chicken is expected to stay at a lower rise in price due to the fact that most chicken does not travel as far. However, we only buy organic and for us, we have seen that price rise this year.

As we are headed into summer, well spring really, fresh vegetables will soon be sold at farmer markets. I would not worry as much about stocking up on vegetables as meats. If you don't have a deep freezer but depend on the refrigerator freezer, treat it the same way. Clean it out, organize, label and know what you have. Check the local grocery store ads and carefully load up as needed.

Next time you buy gas, look over at the price of diesel if it is sold. This will help you know were food and other transportation prices are headed. Also when you are filling up the tank, don't for get to check the air pressure of your tires, make sure they are at the right rating for better fuel consumption. Check air filters, belts, and hoses, all these effect your cars fuel needs. Finally remember to slow down. Fast driving, ridding the breaks all add to your gas cost. 

Like you I am concerned. I am blessed to live in town so that I can walk to the places I need to go. Still, to reach most anything beyond basic needs, I have to leave and drive into the nearest city. That means at least 80 miles. I'll be leaving the area very little, and only to care for family. Good news all that walking may help me get fit and thin again!

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