Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What You Say WIth Your Money

This quote crossed my desk last week, "Everytime you spend money, you are making a choice in how you want the world to be." Think about it for a few minutes. I have been thinking about it for a week and these thoughts come to mind.

Where you shop is a choice.
What you buy is a choice, as in brand name or store brand etc.
How you pay is a choice, cash, check, debit or credit.
How you carry out your purchase is a choice, paper or plastic, or did you bring your own shopping bag.
How you get to the place where you shop, is a choice. Did you walk or drive, did you car pool if you drove? Are you making several small stops and combining your trip as you shop?
How often you shop, is a choice.

Some would tell me I am clueless, that they have to go to the grocery store everyday or that they cannot walk to the nearest set of store. I can hear a lot of just how silly this concept list of mine is, but, stop and think.

I am a thrift store person, becuase I choose recycled first when possible. That means used clothing, appliances, books, toys whatever I can find that fits our need, I look for used first. Yes, it's a personal choice, one I do even if I can pay cash for a new item at full price. Why? Because I hate things that are still good being thrown out. And yes, I am cheap. Yes, I am forced to shop and buy products like everyone else from time to time. I buy what works for us best, not really caring if it's name brand or not, sometimes less expense is just as good or better, sometimes, that is not the case. I try to get dollar value, first and foremost.

I did not have a debt card until last year when the bank sent me one after months of hounding me to get one. I know that merchants pay a fee everytime I swipe that card so I do my best not to use it in stores. Most stores I shop I know the owners personally and do what I can to help them watch their bottom line.

Yes, I carry my own shopping bag or use a box. In some parts of the country this is common practice, not in North Mississippi. I have to explain myself to check out people often. At times I have to bag my own as they will not touch the non-store issued bag. Sad isn't it. Do you know how much petro goes into making plastic bags?  Gas is four bucks a gallon and people wonder why.

Walking to a store. Yes I do understand living an hour from the nearest mall. I understand living ten miles from a country market. Still, when I can, and that's most everyday it's not raining, if I need something local, I walk. I may walk ten miles for something, but I walk. You would think I would loose weight and look great with that, nope, not at all. Makes me fear what I would weight if I never walked....

Have you thought about how and where you spend money? What are your thoughts?